Maintenance Inspections

The City of Hopkins inspects the exteriors of commercial, residential, and rental properties to ensure they are meeting the City's minimum standards. Inspections are conducted on a complaint basis and during frequent neighborhood inspections.

Inspections Process

  1. A code violation is brought to the attention of the City-either by conducting a nearby inspection of a property or by receiving a complaint.
  2. A City inspector identifies the area in need of correction at the property and notifies the owner, giving the owner a reasonable period of time to make corrections or repairs, depending on the nature of the activity.
  3. The City re-inspects the property to ensure compliance. A second (final) notice is sent if the code violation isn't corrected within the given time period.
  4. If the code violation isn't corrected after the second time period expires, the City may issue an administrative citation until the violation(s) is corrected and/or legal action may be taken through the Hennepin County District Court System, if needed.
  5. If the violation is a public nuisance, the City may abate it and send the cost of abatement to the property owner. The most common nuisance abatement is for grass over 10 inches high, spring/fall yard maintenance on vacant properties, and boarding up a vacant building.
  6. The person responsible for the violation must correct the violation and either pay the scheduled fine or request an appeals hearing within fourteen days after receiving the citation.


The City's goal is compliance-to keep Hopkins properties well maintained and safe. The City works with residents if they do not have the money to make the repair, working to connect residents with resources that can help them get the work completed. Extensions are granted when they are needed if the property owner completes an extension request form and has it reviewed and approved by the Building Official.


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