How do I know my mail ballot was counted?

You can confirm we have received and counted your ballot using the online tracking tool. You can track the status of your absentee ballot at any point in the process and confirm that it was received and counted.

Status notations:

  • Initialized – Your ballot application has been received by election officials and is being processed.
  • Sent – Election officials have verified the information on your ballot application and have issued your ballot materials (either in-person or through the mail).
  • Received – Election officials have received your completed absentee ballot.
  • Accepted – Your ballot is counted. Election officials have verified that you have met all requirements under state law to have your ballot counted.
  • Rejected – Your ballot has not been counted because required information was either missing or unverifiable on the ballot envelope you returned to elections officials. Election officials will send you a replacement ballot for completion. If this is within five days of Election Day, a replacement ballot will not be sent through the mail. Election officials will attempt to contact you by telephone or email to notify you that your ballot was rejected and provide you with options for casting a replacement ballot.

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