Has The Depot won any awards or special recognition?
  • April 2007: The Depot was named a "Point of Pride" by the Think Hopkins marketing initiative.
  • April 2003: For the Depot's 100th celebration, both the City of Hopkins and the State of Minnesota decreed proclamations on behalf of The Depot
  • 2003: Depot became a Peace Site
  • 2001: Featured at Taste of Minnesota
  • 2000: City Pages Coffee House of the Year
  • 1997: in regards to its partnership with the Depot, the City of Hopkins received a Certificate of Commendation from Governor Arne Carlson.
  • "Whatever" TV show has featured the Depot several times
  • Since opening, the Depot has been invited as presenters several times at the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference.

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1. What age youth are welcome at The Depot and when?
2. Who runs The Depot?
3. How can the students run The Depot without any adults?
4. How is The Depot Funded?
5. How are the schools involved? Can students get credit for participating at The Depot? Is it just Hopkins School District?
6. Has The Depot won any awards or special recognition?