Who runs The Depot?

The students describe their governance as "student decisions with adult guidance." The Depot is led by a student board of directors, which meets monthly and is comprised of students and adults. This board sets policy, works with staff to run programs, and works on financial development and planning to sustain the Depot project. 

There are two management staff members – one manages the Coffee House business, and the other runs the youth community project side and works closely with the student board.

The Depot employs part-time staff who work behind the counter, as well as staff who run our sound board.

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1. What age youth are welcome at The Depot and when?
2. Who runs The Depot?
3. How can the students run The Depot without any adults?
4. How is The Depot Funded?
5. How are the schools involved? Can students get credit for participating at The Depot? Is it just Hopkins School District?
6. Has The Depot won any awards or special recognition?