Certificate of Approval

BEFORE any residential property in Hopkins is offered for sale, it must have a "Truth-In-Housing" evaluation. Evaluation reports must be on display at the property for prospective buyers to view.

Truth in Housing Evaluations are required for residential buildings with one, two, three or four dwelling units (including condos and townhouses). These evaluations provide prospective buyers with information about the condition of the house and garage, as well as help to eliminate any health and safety concerns in Hopkins neighborhoods. The report must be on display at the property for sale for all prospective buyers to view. Reports are valid for one year from the date of the evaluation and are non-transferable. A new evaluation must be conducted for each sale.

A Certificate of Approval is required at the time of closing. The buyer and title company will require a copy of it.

If no repair/replace items were noted in your Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report and there are no open permits or pending orders from the Hopkins Inspection Division, you will be sent a Certificate of Approval in the mail (we recommend that you take care of all "below code" items-however, you are not required to correct them).

Obtaining a Copy of the Evaluation Report

Reports and Certificates are only available online if the certificate has been issued. View Truth in Housing reports and certificates here

Please contact the seller for a copy of the evaluation report. There should be a report on display at the property for sale. If there is not a report and certificate available by following the link above, then a Certificate of Approval has not been issued. Please contact the City of Hopkins at 952-548-6310 to find out what concerns still need to be addressed in order for Certificate of Approval to be issued.

If Repair / Replace Items Were Noted in the Report

You will be required to make the necessary repairs and/or replacements before closing on the sale of your house, unless you arrange with the buyer and the City of Hopkins to have the buyer correct the repair/replace items. Please contact the City of Hopkins for a Transfer of Responsibility form and requirements.

If You Are Making the Repairs & Replacements

You may call the Inspections Department at 952-548-6320 for information on necessary permits or certification of repair/replace items. This information includes:

  • Whether the permits require a licensed contractor
  • How to arrange for the buyer to make the required repairs

Once the replacements or repairs have been corrected, they must be re-inspected and approved by the City of Hopkins Inspections Department. Once approved, you will be sent a Certificate of Approval.

If the Buyer is Making the Repairs & Replacements

If the buyer chooses to sign an agreement with the City of Hopkins to perform the required repairs and/or replacements, it is at the terms and conditions of the City of Hopkins Inspector.

The buyer may be required to provide the City Inspector with additional evidence of his/her financial ability to perform the necessary corrections. The agreement will state reasonable completion dates necessary to perform the repairs or replacements.

Property Must Be Unoccupied
The referenced property must be unoccupied until the repair / replace items have been corrected and a City of Hopkins Inspector has verified completion.

Required Repairs Appeals

Any owner of property, or other person directly and personally affected by any required repair orders, may either personally or through their representative make an appeal to the Truth-in-Housing Appeals Board.

A non-refundable payment of $100 must accompany the appeal and must be filed with the Inspections Department within 30 days of the evaluation. Call 952-548-6323 for an appeals form.